Cheney on GH: Case Studies and Potential Problems

A Case Study

Cheney talked about a very sick patient who had sallow skin from extremely elevated carotene levels. His liver wasn’t functioning properly, his white cell count was 2, and he was sensitive to everything: supplements, food, the environment. It didn’t look good. “He’s our best responder. His skin is pink, he’s blossomed. His liver returned to normal, which makes sense – the liver has the highest protein synthesis rate in the body. He got his liver back. His white count went from 2 to 5. His immune system came back. Everything comes back. But he couldn’t take high doses or high frequencies of GH. And he’s responding to other interventions that he was a non-responder to before.”

“I had no idea GH would be such a powerful resuscitator of liver function. That really floored me. When I saw those levels drop and the enzymes go away . . . It means I brought back the liver with GH. (amazement & excitement & awe in his voice) I’ve never seen such power in a hormone administration.”

Second Case Study

“Another patient – she was taking thyroid medication, and estrogen and progesterone. She was thyroid deficient and menopausal. She gave herself GH injections and she had tachycardia – from what was now excessive thyroid supplementation, and she began to bleed because she now had too much progesterone in her system. Her own hormones came back in on top of the supplements she was taking. GH encodes the receptors for all of your hormones. So now that she was encoding receptors, her thyroid hormone now had a receptor to bind to. Therefore she was getting action out of her thyroid hormone, which was now in fact too much. We cut her thyroid medication in half and took her off progesterone.”

“So guess what happens if you don’t have any GH? You don’t have any hormones – there’s no receptor sites. So none of them work.” (Your body may be producing hormones, but they are chemical messages, and messages don’t work if there’s nothing there to receive them.) “We have patients who are menopausal, but if you measure their estrogen hormones in saliva or urine, it’s sky high. It’s going right through them. Same with some of our thyroid patients. It’s all coming out in their urine – no where to bind.”

Note on GH and NKCells

“GH is known to raise NK function. Why? It raises immune function. But here lies the potential threat. GH ramps up the immune system, but it ramps up the TH2 side in particular. That’s another reason why, if you get too much, you crash. So you’re better off rebalancing your immune system first. But it is known that GH has particular benefits to NK function.” (Some may wonder about the paradox I was too tired to see at the time: an increase in NK function indicates an increase in TH1 activity. Obviously it’s very complex, and I don’t know the answer to the question of how it can ramp up TH2 and yet increase NK function at the same time.)

Potential Problems with Growth Hormone Therapy

“Here are the potential problems with growth hormone therapy:”

1) “Expensive. But if you’re shown to be deficient, insurance will pay.”

2) “CFIDS patients are sensitive to it – you’ve got to get the dose and frequency right. Then things come back online – liver, brain, you sleep better. Lots of benefits, because CFIDS patients are so deficient.”

3) “Cancer. GH does not cause cancer. But it increases the growth rate of any existing cancer. If you have an undetected cancer it could make it grow. To prevent that we do the AMAS test. (Anti-Malignant Antibody Screen) A couple of Harvard professors discovered this. It’s a blood test for all cancers. For any cancer. It’s well published. Covered by Medicare. There is a published 7% false negative rate. We suggest taking it every six months while on GH.” (To receive info on AMAS or a test kit, call 1-800-922-8378. The test costs $135.)

4) “Suppression of your axis.” (Not sure, but I think he means the HPA axis – hypothalamus, pituitary, adrenal.) “If I give GH, will I suppress your own endogenous capacity to make it? If I did that, I commit you to GH forever. But this isn’t a major concern if you have no axis to begin with! In anti-aging circles they worry about this. They have normal 50 and 60-year-olds trying to be 30, and they can suppress their axis, committing them to GH for the rest of their life.” (But that’s very different than our situation – we’ve got 30-year-olds functioning like 90-year-olds, in large part because they have no GH!)

See Part 2

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Dr. Cheney is refining the use of growth hormone and growth factors for use in CFIDS. Others have been researching this area for years. In particular, Dr. Sam Baxas pioneered the use of human growth hormone and growth factors more than twenty years ago. A discussion of his work can be found in the book “Grow Young with hGH” by Ronald Klatz.

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