Cheney on Growth Hormone (GH) – Summary

(In this paragraph, Cheney is speaking about my treatment protocol, which includes Isoprinosine to shift my immune system out of TH2 and get at the HHV6 and mycoplasma I have, but most of it will generalize to others.)

GH Problems dominate other problems

“I would say the immune system issue and the GH deficiency stand as sentinels of your problem. Not that they’re the whole ball of wax, but problems in either of these areas essentially dominate all other problems. I think there are other other issues in CFIDS, but if I don’t address these two fronts, then everything else is, sort of, well, we’re just moving at the edges of the syndrome and I’m not really focused at the center. And the neat thing about some of this is, it really does get at a lot of really difficult areas. How do you get at HHV6, and how do you get at allergy, and some of these other problems? Isoprinosine. And how do you find out if Isoprinosine is working? NK function. How do you get at brain injury? You can test hormone response to exercise. That’s the functional way.

And you can actually target the hypothalamus in a more detailed measure. (MRS brain scan.) And how do you fix it? The only way anyone has figured out is this way. (He holds up the vial of bGF’s.) There is no other way. It’s nature’s way. And it works. So we just go back and do what nature does. Nature does it with GH and GF’s and stem cells. Fortunately you have your own stem cells. Don’t have to give you a transplant. But you don’t have enough GH and that’s a key problem.”

“And then, it’s possible GH might heal you on your own if you have enough GF’s, but I don’t know that you do, and I’m pretty sure this would accelerate the process anyway. If you’re old enough, I know you need this (bGF’s). If you’re young enough, you might only need GH. What kind do I need? Well, mammalian. Do you need all of them?

You might need all of them, so the neat part about this is that all of them that ever were and ever will be are in this bottle. (He holds up the vial again.) They say that there are over 60 of them and counting. But how ever many there are, they’re all here in this bottle.” (I ask, ‘But aren’t you giving specific ones at specific times?) “We’re guessing.We’re using an early mesenchyme as a base and then different ages of different organ systems, taken at different times from different organ systems. I suspect that different growth factors come off at different times. The neat part is that they didn’t know the answer to that question with the monkey brain study, and it worked! So you don’t have to be perfect. But you do have to have enough GH. And your body will start synthesizing protein, for good and for bad, and start making RNase L, start activating the TH2 system, and thus there’s a chance of a little bit of a downstroke, but if you keep the dose and frequency right you’ll get that six percent upswing with every shot.”

DNA Gene rearrangements

When I asked about the DNA gene rearrangements that are part of phase III CFIDS, Dr. Cheney said that growth factors kill the aberrant genes that our body produces as it searches desperately for a cure. The bGF’s are capable of wiping them out. (More info on the three stages and the DNA gene rearrangements can be found on our support group’s website in the Cheney section.)


Dr. Cheney used the analogy of being in a boat. You can row to try and get somewhere, to make progress. All the usual – and not so usual – treatments are like rowing. But as long as the underlying GH deficiency is not addressed, we are rowing upstream – working very hard and making little, if any, progress. But if the underlying issue of GH deficiency is addressed, especially in combination with growth factors, it’s like turning the boat around so that we are now going with the current. When the GH deficiency is addressed and the bGF’s enable the stem cells to make repairs, we fly along with the current, suddenly making progress. And now when we row, using the other treatments (some of which may now finally work) along with GH and bGF’s, we speed along with more control, making incredible progress. That’s the hope, at least.

I hope you all find this as exciting, hopeful and awesome as I do.

Carol Sieverling


Dr. Cheney is refining the use of growth hormone and growth factors for use in CFIDS. Others have been researching this area for years. In particular, Dr. Sam Baxas pioneered the use of human growth hormone and growth factors more than twenty years ago. A discussion of his work can be found in the book “Grow Young with hGH” by Ronald Klatz.

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