[Childhood Chronic Fatigue Syndrome] [Article in Japanese]

Journal: Nippon Rinsho. (The Japanese Journal of Clinical Medicine. Articles not currently available online.) 2007 Jun;65(6):1099-1104

Author and affiliation: Miike T. Affiliation: Department of Child Development, Faculty of Medical and Pharmaceutical Sciences, Kumamoto University Graduate School, Japan.

PMID: 17561704

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome in childhood and adolescents(CCFS) is a complex and debilitation with severe morbidity and confusion. It is common condition with up to 3-5% of children and adolescents showing strange fatigue and confusion for more than 30 days.

In this condition, four major symptoms are important: sleep disorders, easy fatigability, disturbed learning and memorization and immunological problems. Routine laboratory studies are similar to adult CFS, although abnormalities can be seen on serum pyruvic acid level, OGTT pattern, deep body temperature rhythm, hormonal secretion rhythm, and cerebral blood flow.

For a diagnosis of CCFS, a research group supported by Japanese ministry of health, labor and welfare developed CCFS case definition on 2004. Treatment focused to correct disrupted circadian rhythms and supply of energy.

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