Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Advisory Committee (CFSAC) Meeting Scheduled for Oct 28-29 in DC – Public Invited

The Department of Health and Human Services announces a meeting of the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Advisory Committee (CFSAC) to be held:

• Tuesday and Wednesday, October 28 and 29, 2008 – 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on both days.

• At the Department of Health and Human Services; Room 800 Hubert H. Humphrey Building; 200 Independence Avenue, SW.; Washington, DC 20201

The public is encouraged to attend and may arrange to offer brief personal comments and/or handouts. Individuals who plan to attend must pre-register by October 23 (details below).

The agenda for this meeting is being developed. The agenda will be posted on the CFSAC Web site,, when it is finalized.

Public attendance at the meeting – and comments – are strongly encouraged.

• Individuals must provide a photo ID for entry into the building where the meeting is scheduled to be held.

• Individuals who plan to attend and need special assistance, such as sign language interpretation or other reasonable accommodations, should notify the designated contact person.

• Members of the public will have the opportunity to provide comments at the meeting.

The committee is very interested to hear about:

• Experiences that individuals with chronic fatigue syndrome have had interfacing with the medical community.

• In addition, the committee welcomes specific comments on issues surrounding chronic fatigue syndrome research, provider education, and quality of life.

Individuals who wish to address the Committee during the public comment session must preregister by October 23, 2008.

• Any individual who wishes to participate in the public comment session should call the telephone number listed in the contact information to register.

• Public comment will be limited to five minutes per speaker.

• Members of the public who wish to have printed material distributed to CFSAC members for discuss should submit, at a minimum, one copy of the material to the OPHS Committee Management Officer (Olga Nelson, see below) prior to close of business on October 23, 2008.

For More Information Contact:

• Dr. Anand K. Parekh (202/401-7605), Executive Secretary, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Advisory Committee; Department of Health and Human Services; 200 Independence Avenue, SW., Room 727H; Washington, DC 20201;

• Or Olga Nelson (202/690-5205) – Committee Management Officer, Office of Public Health and Science; U.S. Department of Health and Human Services; 200 Independence Avenue, SW., Room 714B; Washington, DC 20201;

About the CFSAC

The CFS Advisory Committee was established on September 5, 2002 to advise, consult with, and make recommendations to the Secretary, through the Assistant Secretary for Health, on a broad range of topics including:

1. The current state of knowledge and research about the epidemiology and risk factors relating to chronic fatigue syndrome, and identifying potential opportunities in these areas;

2. Current and proposed diagnosis and treatment methods for chronic fatigue syndrome; and

3. Development and implementation of programs to inform the public, health care professionals, and the biomedical, academic, and research communities about chronic fatigue syndrome advances.

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