Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Primary Fibromyalgia Syndrome as recognized by GPs

Bazelmans E, Vercoulen JH, Swanink CM, Fennis JF, Galama JM, van Weel C, van der Meer JW, Bleijenberg G. Fam Pract 1999 Dec;16(6):602-4. University Hospital Nijmegen, Department of Medical Psychology, The Netherlands.

SUMMARY: Minimum estimates of CFS/FM prevalence from this study from the Netherlands are: 112 out of 100,00 for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and 157 out of 100,000 for Primary Fibromyalgia Syndrome.

BACKGROUND: Prevalence studies on Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) are rare. Because of the similarity in symptoms, the prevalence of Primary Fibromyalgia Syndrome (PFS) was investigated at the same time.

OBJECTIVES: To determine the prevalence of CFS and PFS as recognized by GPs in The Netherlands and to inform them of the existence of CFS.

METHODS: A postal questionnaire was sent to all GPs.

RESULTS: The questionnaire was returned by 60% of the GPs. Seventy-three per cent reported one or more CFS patients and 83% one or more PFS patients in their practice.

CONCLUSION: The estimated prevalence of CFS as recognized by GPs of 112 (PFS 157) patients per 100,000 is a minimum estimate.

PMID: 10625135, UI: 20088473

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