Chronic fatigue syndrome and the central nervous system – Source: Journal of International Medical Research, Sep-Oct 2008

[Note: the full text of this excellent summary of evidence demonstrating why ME/CFS research should now focus on the central nervous system is available free from the publisher. Click on PDF button.]

An increasing amount of neuroimaging evidence supports the hypothesis that chronic fatigue syndrome patients have structural or functional abnormalities within the brain.

Moreover, some neurotrophic factors, neurotransmitters and cytokines have also been evaluated in order to elucidate the mechanism of abnormal neuropsychic findings in chronic fatigue syndrome.

In this review, we suggest that the focal point of chronic fatigue syndrome research should be transferred to the central nervous system.

Source: Journal of International Medical Research, Sep-Oct 2008; 36(5):867-74. PMID: 18831878, by Chen R, Liang FX, Moriya J, Yamakawa J, Sumino H, Kanda T, Takahashi T. Department of General Medicine, Kanazawa Medical University, Ishikawa, Japan.

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