Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) & dieting disorders: diagnosis & management problems

OBJECTIVE: This paper illustrates the importance of conducting an initial and ongoing psychiatric assessment of patients with

chronic fatigue syndrome in order to diagnose dieting

disorders. The diagnostic issues and management problems of

three case vignettes, two with anorexia nervosa and one with

bulimia nervosa, are described.

METHOD: The treatment

response of dieting disordered patients is generally prolonged

after a previous diagnosis of chronic fatigue syndrome has

been made and the patient and family favour a disease


RESULTS: Several management problems arise and

family members may also be reluctant to accept a dieting

disorder diagnosis.

CONCLUSIONS: Early detection of dieting

disorders by adequate screening and assessment is necessary so

that a significant reduction in morbidity may occur.

Griffiths RA, Beumont PJ, Moore GM, Touyz SW

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