Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS): influence of histamine, hormones & electrolytes

The chronic fatigue syndrome is poorly understood. We believe the

underlying causes in many atopics and women are a persistent

infection and hypersensitivity to the immune-suppressive

effects of histamine and certain pathogens. We believe much to

the symptomatology can be explained by all four types of

hypersensitivity (Gell and Coombs classification) in reaction

to a pathogen, electrolyte disturbances which include

sometimes permanent changes in cell membranes’ ability to pass

electrolytes, sometimes permanent biochemical changes in

mitochondrial function, and disturbances of insulin and

T3-thyroid hormone functions. We also explain in detail what

‘fatigue’ means for these patients. We present evidence from

the medical literature for the plausibility of our hypotheses.

Dechene L

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