Chronic fatigue syndrome: Features of a population of patients from northern Italy


Editor’s Comment: The authors of this study found that autoimmune disease was more prevalent in their CFS subjects than in the general population. They also found that among those with an autoimmune component, age at onset was later. The authors concluded that “the possibility that the disease is supported by an as yet unidentified autoimmune reactivity against antigens, suggests that we must concentrate our efforts in this direction.”

You can read the full text of the study  HERE.

By E. Capelli et al.


In this study we analyzed the clinical features of a population of Italian patients with chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) diagnosed according to the CDC-1994 criteria. The aim was to investigate CFS patients and their relatives, in order to search for events related to the onset of the disease and to identify correlations with other diseases.

The analysis was carried out by examining medical records belonging to 82 patients suffering from the syndrome. The documentation was collected between 2008 and 2011 and provided by the non-profit Italian organization AMCFS (Associazione Malati di CFS).

The influence of gender on the age of onset and association with potential risk factors were investigated in patients and in their relatives. From the results a significant correlation between the age of onset and autoimmunity was observed.

Source: Capelli E, Lorusso L, Ghitti M, Venturini L, Cusa C, Ricevuti G. Chronic fatigue syndrome: Features of a population of patients from northern Italy. Int J Immunopathol Pharmacol. 2015 Mar;28(1):53-9. doi: 10.1177/0394632015572074.

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