Chronic Fatigue Syndrome News: Latest Brain Science Discussed In Brain Awareness Week At Aviemore, Scotland

Article Date: 14 Mar 2006 – 0:00am (UK)

Leading international experts and researchers in brain chemistry, function and imaging and in disorders such as ME (myalgic encephalomyelitis or chronic fatigue syndrome), Gulf War Syndrome (GWS), epilepsy, depression and Huntington’s chorea (disease) are addressing the BP 2006 conference to be held in the state-of-the-art conference centre in Aviemore, located in the heart of the Scottish Cairngorms, from 12th to 16th March.

BP 2006 is an important international conference that coincides with Brain Awareness Week, a global celebration of the latest brain science.

The BP conference will:

— Appeal to scientists, doctors, nutritionists, sufferers, sufferer relatives and members of the public

— Focus on essential fatty acids (what they are, how and why they work), brain functioning, diseases related to fatty acids, and lipid-based treatments

— Detail cutting-edge work in the basic sciences (e.g. biochemistry, cell signalling and gene expression) and relate these to the diagnosis, causes and treatment of disorders such as ME (myalgic encephalomyelitis or chronic fatigue syndrome), anorexia nervosa, epilepsy and schizophrenia

Wide-ranging leading international speakers include: Professor Peter Morris, an expert in brain imaging, from the University of Nottingham; Professor John Glomset, an expert in brain phospholipids, from the University of Washington; Dr Jun Wei, an expert in genetics, from China, now working with The Ness Foundation in Inverness; Dr Fabien De Meester, an expert in brain diseases and fatty acids, from Belgium; Dr Kishore Bhakoo, an expert in spectroscopy, from Imperial College London; Dr Ian Treasaden, an expert in forensic neurosciences, from Imperial College London; Dr Agnes Ayton, an expert in anorexia nervosa; Dr Dianne LeFevre, an expert in treating brain disorders such as schizophrenia with fatty acids; Dr. Susanne Boyle of Robert Gordon University who is working with The Ness Foundation on breath analysis; and Dr Håvard Bentsen, an expert in schizophrenia, from Norway.

Other speakers include those with expertise in the potential role of pesticides, chemicals and other environmental factors in the development of brain diseases and disorders, such as ME (chronic fatigue syndrome), autism, Gulf War Syndrome and Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS). These include: Dr. Jonathan Kerr, from St. George’s Hospital Medical School; Dr. Vance Spence, Chairman of MERGE(Dundee) ; Professor Malcolm Hooper from the University of Sunderland; Dr. John McLaren Howard from the Biolab Medical Unit.

Leading pesticides campaigner Georgina Downs of UK Pesticides Campaign will highlight the failings of pesticide policies around the world in protecting public health and present cases of brain and other neurological effects reported by people following exposure to pesticides from crop-spraying. Captain Tristan Loraine, Chairman of the British Airline Pilots Association’s (BALPA) Cabin Air Quality Task Group and Dr. Sarah Mackenzie-Ross will highlight the ongoing health and safety issue relating to contaminated air in aviation and present examples of ill-health suffered by pilots and others exposed.

Speaker Martin Walker will highlight the organised defence of corporate toxicity, especially in relation to neurological conditions such as ME (CFS) and MCS.

Conference chair Professor Basant Puri, from Hammersmith Hospital, who is a leading researcher in brain disorders, functioning and imaging, states:
‘This promises to be an exciting and highly stimulating conference which will highlight the role of dietary and environmental factors in contributing to common brain disorders. Up-to-date research findings demonstrating how dietary change can help some of these disorders will also be presented.’

— The Brain Phospholipids (BP) 2006 conference follows on from the success of the BP 2003 conference. The BP 2006 conference will be held in the state-of-the-art conference centre in Aviemore, located in the heart of the Scottish Cairngorms, from 12th to 16th March

— For further information including conference programme, registration costs, accommodation and travel information, see the conference web site at or contact Jane at or on +44 (0)1223 306861

— Patients with ME and their relatives and friends are entitled to a full 35% discount on the registration costs

— Brain Awareness Week runs from 13th – 19th March 2006

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