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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome on National Public Radio

Beginning the week of August 20, 2003, the radio show "The Infinite Mind" will have a show on CFS.

The show released the following description:

"Imagine coming down with a bad case of the flu – the kind where your whole body aches and it's hard to think straight — and that the flu NEVER GOES AWAY. That's how many people describe what it feels like to live with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Guests include author Laura Hillenbrand, explaining why she had to write part of her bestselling book "Seabiscuit" with her eyes closed; and singer-songwriter Janis Ian, performing a song that she wrote months after her diagnosis with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Plus, Marlene Sanders reports on why some patients and advocates think the name of this illness should be changed." With commentary by John Hockenberry.

Check the NPR station in your area and time of broadcast:

http://www.lcmedia.com/stations.htm [1]