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CBD been found to be helpful in lessening the emotional and behavioral issues of children with Au...
01/16/20 Read More
Physicians treating ME/CFS and fibromyalgia patients have noted B-12's benefits for decades.
09/23/19 Read More
In this video, Dr. Darin Ingels shares about the connection between Lyme disease and autism.
02/14/19 Read More
A potential link between supplement use during pregnancy and autism is intriguing because it sugg...
10/11/17 Read More
1 in 350 males are unable to synthesize their own carnitine due to an inactive copy of the X chro...
07/28/17 Read More
An overlooked region in brain cells houses a motherlode of mutated genes previously tied to autism.
02/08/16 Read More
Clinical features across autistic patients reflects heterogeneous sources of genetic risk, resear...
04/27/15 Read More
Brain-Wide Association Analysis is the first methodology that can create panoramic views of the w...
03/25/15 Read More
Four autistic children improve after 6 months of antibiotic therapy.
03/16/15 Read More
Study implies benefit to reducing BPA exposure for pregnant women and for children with autism.
03/06/15 Read More