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Results suggest that vitamin C protects against lung cancer in women who have never smoked.
03/19/17 Read More
Vitamin E is a powerful lipid-soluble antioxidant that could reduce lung cancer risk by decreasin...
03/17/17 Read More
If human trial results match those in animals, could be used to slow and/or shrink tumors before ...
03/10/12 Read More
Milk thistle extract, used in traditional medicine for liver & gallbladder defense, disrupted lun...
11/25/11 Read More
Each genetically altered T cell killed a pound of tumor and created new ‘armies’ of reinforcemen...
08/10/11 Read More
“Although confirmatory studies are needed, glucosamine is an attractive candidate for lung cancer...
07/11/11 Read More
Vaccine made from healthy prostate DNA attacks cancer cells; healthy tissue unharmed
06/20/11 Read More
Surprisingly there are really two types of vitamin E, and both are potent disease fighters - if k...
03/23/11 Read More
And high levels of vitamin D-blocking enzyme linked to poor survival rate.
03/01/11 Read More
We're only now learning the many important roles of this long-unexplored but vital nutrient. 
06/25/10 Read More