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In a TED talk, Dr. Terry Wahls explains why diet is crucial for maintaining brain health.
11/16/13 Read More
A study finds that atopic patients may present with atypical herpesvirus infections that may be m...
04/27/13 Read More
Heightened pain sensitization found in MCS patients; might play role in the disorder.
02/11/11 Read More
The evidence grows – young people & OTC pain/fever relievers not a good mix.
08/13/10 Read More
The toxins produced by Candida yeast infection can cause or worsen many health problems.
10/07/09 Read More
From Our Readers - Comments & Suggestions 10-07-09
10/07/09 Read More
Food allergy was 5 times more prevalent, eczema 3 times more prevalent, in non-supplemented group...
09/24/09 Read More
9 out of 10 people with eczema carry staph bacteria on their skin & highly diluted bleach can kil...
07/02/09 Read More
Halofuginine is one of the 50 fundamental herbs of traditional Chinese medicine, but because it i...
06/05/09 Read More
Blake Graham, BSc, AACNEM, a clinical nutritionist specializing in nutritional and environmental ...
01/22/08 Read More