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While many people reach for a prescription or over-the-counter remedy for digestive complaints, t...
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Two supplements can greatly relieve gastritis.
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Dr. Julius Goepp explains how three nutrients - zinc carnosine, licorice extract and cranberry - ...
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Many people, especially those watching their (iodized) salt intake, may not be getting enough iod...
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GSE’s vigorous virus-killing activity suggests use as safe, low-cost food treatment.
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Risk of damage to stomach & intestinal lining varies by drug and dose as well as individual
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The toxins produced by Candida yeast infection can cause or worsen many health problems.
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Q: My stomach and overall digestive system has always been delicate and easily upset, thou...
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Curcumin showed immense therapeutic potential against H. pylori infection as well as in ...
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The 2 major recognized forms of atrophic gastritis are autoimmune and environmental atrophic gast...
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