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A study finds that veterans with variants of the BChE gene were more likely to have GWI if they t...
02/02/15 Read More
Serum cytokines are representative of ME pathology to a greater extent than GWI.
12/30/14 Read More
Eighty percent of treated veterans improve physical function with supplement
11/15/14 Read More
Research finds that chronic inflammation is a component of GWI pathophysiology
10/15/14 Read More
CoQ10 100 mg per day helps physical function and symptoms in veterans with Gulf War illness.
09/01/14 Read More
New report reveals cause of GWI, suggests treatments.
05/07/14 Read More
Research provides the first direct evidence supporting mitochondrial dysfunction in Gulf War illn...
04/06/14 Read More
The IOM replaces the term "chronic multi-symptom illness" with "Gulf War Illness," and recommends...
03/27/14 Read More
Subjective sleep quality is associated with gray matter volume independent of comorbid psychiatri...
03/14/14 Read More
Nancy Klimas and Mariana Morris are selected by the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) as DoD Gulf ...
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