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Study suggests the potential neuroprotective effect of vitamin D3 in a Huntington's disease model.
10/09/16 Read More
Scientists at the annual meeting of the American College of Sports Medicine concluded that tart c...
10/21/14 Read More
In a TED talk, Dr. Terry Wahls explains why diet is crucial for maintaining brain health.
11/16/13 Read More
Increasingly research is showing that CoQ10 depletion is a key factor in FM and ME/CFS and that s...
08/26/13 Read More
Dr. Bell came to suspect that this factor "not only represents a fundamental process of the disea...
03/02/11 Read More
There is now evidence that depression, as characterized by melancholic symptoms, anxiety, and fa...
01/01/11 Read More
CoQ10 is an essential component of each cell's ability to produce energy - yet often deficient.
12/23/10 Read More
The latest thinking on treatment with emphasis on both cellular nutrition and coping.
11/22/10 Read More
Therapies aimed at this signaling system might ameliorate pain, depression and neurological & oth...
08/08/10 Read More
For those over age 25 or with a chronic illness, ubiquinol is the recommended form of CoQ-10.
05/07/10 Read More