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A growing body of research indicates that two natural compounds, curcumin and fish oil, address a...
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Dietary supplements are quite important sources of antioxidant intake, study finds.
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The secret ingredient is in the flour, but its impact lies within the gut.
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Tens of millions of Americans would be surprised to learn that winter has left them deficient in ...
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Research finds that resveratrol has potential as an anti-osteoporosis drug
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Researchers find that people in two Mediterranean diet groups decreased their central obesity
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Magnesium is a very low-cost dietary supplement. The fact that so many are magnesium-deficient is...
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Would you like to potentially add 9 years to your life expectancy? That's what research on the nu...
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Research suggests that uric acid is a cause, not a consequence, of metabolic syndrome.
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Wild blueberries: 2 cups a day may keep the doctor away.
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