Clinical Trials Update – Two innovative CFS treatment studies have just started recruiting: One in Los Angeles, One in Boston.

In Los Angeles – The Charles R. Drew University Clinical Research Center is recruiting CFS patients for studies:

n To evaluate blood flow to the brain in CFS, and

n To improve blood flow to the brain to improve symptoms of fatigue.

Applicants must be between the ages of 18 and 49 and be willing to be off all medications for the study. Patients will be compensated.

Contact Dr. Friedman or Dr. Zuckerbraun
In Boston – Massachusetts General Hospital is recruiting CFS patients for a six-month study to:

n And evaluate the impact on CFS symptoms.

Participants will be required to come to Mass General for two hours a week for nine consecutive weeks; then once a month for four months. Three additional visits will be required for limited physiological and psychological testing. Approximately two tablespoons of blood will be drawn in the course of the study. Participants who complete the study will receive up to $100.

<a"="">Contact Richard Kradin, MD
(617) 726-8491
Massachusetts General Hospital
Fruit Street
Boston MA 02115

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