Combinations of artemisinin derivatives (including the natural agent artemisinin) may be useful for treating Babesiosis.

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Editor’s Note:  Artemisinin and occasionally its derivatives are widely used by Lyme-literate doctors to treat Babesiosis, as it has been found clinically to be effective against various strains of Babesia in many people.
Artemisinin has many derivatives, and it is effective against Plasmodium spp. However, only a limited number of reports have confirmed the efficacy of artemisinin derivatives against Babesia spp.
In this study, whether artemisinin and artemether could inhibit the growth of Babesia gibsoni was evaluated in vitro. In addition, the interaction between artemether and lumefantrine was evaluated.
These drugs inhibited the growth of B. gibsoni, but artemisinin and artemether showed lower sensitivity against atovaquone-resistant B. gibsoni than against wild-type B. gibsoni. The interaction between artemether and lumefantrine showed synergism against B. gibsoni.
Although further study is needed, the combination of artemisinin derivatives could be useful for babesiosis.
Source: Parasitology International. Dec. 16, 2014. A. Iguchi, et al. 

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