Concentration & memory deficits in patients with fibromyalgia (FM) syndrome

The present study compared 30 patients with Fibromyalgia

Syndrome (FS) to 30 healthy control subjects matched for age,

sex, and estimated intellectual level on standardized measures

of attention, concentration, and memory as well as subjective

ratings of memory abilities and sleep quality. In addition, in

order to investigate the relationship between cognitive

functioning and other physical and psychological symptoms,

subjects with FS completed psychological measures of pain

severity, trait anxiety, and depression. Results indicated

that patients with FS performed more poorly on tests of

immediate and delayed recall, and sustained auditory

concentration, and their ratings of both their memory

abilities and sleep quality were lower than those of controls.

Furthermore, perceived memory deficits of the FS subjects were

disproportionately greater than their objective deficits.

Results indicated significant correlations between performance

on memory and concentration measures and scores on

questionnaires of pain severity and trait anxiety.

Implications of these results for multidisciplinary treatment

programs are discussed.

Grace GM, Nielson WR, Hopkins M, Berg MA

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