Consequences of live poliovirus vaccine administration in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS)

The effect of live oral polio virus vaccination on chronic

fatigue syndrome (CFS) patients was examined in a double-blind

study. CFS patients were allocated randomly to placebo (N =

7) or vaccine (N = 7) conditions. All controls subjects

received the vaccine (9). Vaccine administration was not

associated with clinical exacerbation of CFS. However,

objective responses to the vaccine revealed differences

between patients and controls: increased poliovirus

isolation, earlier peak proliferative responses, lower T-cell

subsets on certain days post vaccination and a trend for

reduced gamma-interferon in the CFS-vaccine group. Polio

vaccination was not found to be clinically contraindicated in

CFS patients, however, there was evidence of altered immune

reactivity and virus clearance.

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