Creating a Mindset of Healing

What if I told you that doctors have discovered a breakthrough in treating Fibromyalgia and ME/chronic fatigue syndrome you or a loved one is living with? Would you be open and willing to learn about what that breakthrough is? If the answer is YES, then it is from this space of openness and willingness where you will begin your healing journey.

In overcoming our health conditions it is imperative that we approach our health from a radically new mindset. Essential in forming this new mindset is entertaining the notion that anything is possible when it comes to our health, and yes, YOU CAN heal yourself and thrive.

My name is Lauren Schnell and I am a Board-Certified Holistic Health Counselor, Life Coach, brain tumor survivor, and chronic auto immune disease sufferer who has made it my mission to help individuals heal themselves for over a decade. As a holistic nutritionist and life coach I have worked with people all over the world to help them discover that their health conditions are not the problem, but are rather symptoms of deeper imbalances occurring in the body, mind, or lifestyle of the individual. Once we can uncover the deeper underlying issue causing the symptoms we experience, we can begin to properly treat and actually heal the imbalances that are manifesting through the chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, autoimmune disorder, or any other negative health condition that causes us to suffer.

Since western medicine hasn’t found a “cure” for Fibromyalgia, you’ve got nothing to lose by considering the information I’m about to share in this article. Assuming you are willing to give my concepts a go, lets begin by taking a look at how you have been perceiving the disease in your mind. First, are you seeing the disease as a diagnosis that the doctor gave you with no cure? Second, are you seeing that this disease has happened to you and now you are wounded, and to a certain degree, helpless about your health conditions? As long as this type of thinking rules your mind, which I like to call a “victim” or “wounded” consciousness, the ego will retain a nearly unbreakable grip on your suffering and will not allow you to heal. However, by simply reading this article you are declaring yourself open and willing to examine your relationship to your disease, and you are taking the necessary “first step” towards living beyond the symptoms and into a place of thriving.

How do you begin to shift your mindset away from suffering and towards healing?

Allow me to explain by sharing my personal experience with receiving a diagnosis for an incurable disease. After getting over the shock of my diagnosis, I began to train my mind to make that shift by thinking, “Maybe this is happening for me and not against me. Perhaps in this diagnosis there is a greater opportunity for me to change my habits and dive deeper into getting to know my body and caring for myself.” This diagnosis was quite a shock for me, as I was just starting to recover from the 17-hour brain surgery to remove a tumor that was causing me to go blind. As easy as it would have been to dive right back into the victim consciousness and give in to this latest setback in my health, I instead created the intention to remain dedicated to healing. By remaining in a space of commitment to my health, I opened myself up to being more resourceful and creative in finding a better way to live with my condition.

Next, I began with the approach of looking at all the areas in my health that I can control, from my sleep schedule to my happiness to most importantly, my diet. As I coach clients with fibro and CFS I am finding phenomenal results when my clients remove the following five food groups: gluten, dairy, sugar, corn and unfermented soy. Through genetic engineering and cross-contamination, many foods containing these ingredients are highly inflammatory and can literally cause the body to attack itself, resulting in autoimmune disorders and conditions like fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome.

Not only is it necessary to eliminate certain foods and ingredients that are literally toxic to us, but it is also important to begin to introduce certain healing foods and ingredients that can reduce debilitating symptoms and quite possibly heal these conditions all together.

Over the course of human history, many cultures around the world have enjoyed a diet rich in certain herbs and spices that now have been confirmed by modern science to be highly supportive of the body’s natural “inflammation response,” the key culprit behind fibro and CFS flare ups. Let me discuss several of these in detail:

Herbs and Spices About
GREEN TEA The USDA Phytochemical Database reports that green tea contains compounds are rich in anti-inflammatory factors. Green tea contains salicylic acid, a naturally-occurring COX-2 inhibiting compound (COX-2 being a major inflammatory pathway), that inspired the creation of acetylsalicylic acid, or aspirin. Green tea is also highly “synergistic,” meaning that when combined with other healing herbs like Turmeric, has a three-fold increase properties of a common component in turmeric called curcumin.
HOLY BASIL Holy Basil is highly revered in the Ayurvedic healing traditions of India. A phytonutrient contained in Holy Basil called ursolic acid was recognized for its anti-inflammatory properties by Dartmouth Medical School. Holy Basil also has noted radio-protective benefits.
TURMERIC The health benefits of Turmeric are legendary and now well known among everyday vitamin and herb consumers. Indeed an entire article (or book) could be written on Turmeric alone. The key about turmeric that I have discovered is that the method of extraction is extremely important. Many supplement manufacturers offer highly processed and “standardized” doses of turmeric, containing highly concentrated mega-doses of a single constituent called curcumin. Unfortunately these mega-doses standardized extracts take on a “biphasic” pharmaceutical effect and can sometimes be less effective than an extract that reflects the full complexity of turmeric with its many constituents besides just curcumin. For this reason I only recommend broad spectrum turmeric extracts like New Chapter’s Turmeric Force or Zyflamend products.
BAIKAL SKULLCAP More and more research is emerging every day regarding the profound anti-inflammatory properties of Baikal Skullcap, or scutellaria. As inflammatory conditions are diseases of imbalance, Baikal skullcap reigns supreme in its ability to both quench the fires of inflammation and promote the healing of damaged tissue. In addition, it was reported in the prestigious British Medical Journal that scutellaria contains high concentrations of melatonin, a hormone with numerous beneficial properties for both healthy sleep and cell protection.
OREGANO Oregano contains over 30 known anti-inflammatory components, 28 anti-oxidants, and four known COX-2 (inflammatory enzyme) inhibitors. With a super-pure, super-potent, broad-spectrum Oregano extract, all of these healing components are at your service to help quell damaging inflammatory episodes.
GINGER Ginger contains nearly 500 known constituents, many of them noted for their profound inflammation-balancing activity, all working in a complementary fashion with one another for a beneficial biological effect. When considering a ginger extract or supplement to incorporate into your daily regimen, it is important to select an extract that contains this entire spectrum of plant phytonutrients that naturally occur in ginger. This is why I only recommend New Chapter’s Ginger Force, because New Chapter is the only brand that I know that creates a “dual-extract” of their herbs. One extract obtains all of the water-soluble components of the herb, a second “supercritical” extract obtains all of fat-soluble components, to ensure that the final product contains the full spectrum of ginger’s constituents.

Putting Them All Together with Zyflamend®

It is difficult to go out and obtain therapeutic doses of these herbs if you are going to buy them in bulk or grow them yourself. For medicinal effect, I recommend that my clients instead purchase herbal extracts, so that the healing power of these herbs is concentrated and amplified. And the best way to get all of the amazing herbs and spices I just described (and several others) in one product is to use Zyflamend by New Chapter. Not only has New Chapter thoughtfully blended Green Tea, Turmeric, Holy Basil, Ginger, Oregano, Baikal Skullcap, Rosemary, Hu Zhang, Barberry, and Chinese Goldthread together under one roof, but they have used groundbreaking “supercritical” technology to obtain all of the herbs’ healing components without the use of harsh chemical solvents or the pharmaceutical model of standardization.

But don’t just take my word for it. In fact, Zyflamend is one of the most studied herbal formulations in the entire natural products industry. You can log on to, type in “Zyflamend,” and you can see for yourself over a dozen academic studies from prestigious institutions touting Zyflamend’s quite remarkable inflammation-balancing effects. To name a few, Zyflamend has been studied at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, the Cleveland Clinic, Columbia University, and the University of Tennessee for its ability to promote a healthy inflammation response.

More recently, in a12-week double-blind, placebo-controlled study of healthy middle-aged adults who experience joint discomfort upon physical activity, the group that used Zyflamend enjoyed a 150-foot improvement vs. the placebo in a standard 6-minute walking test!

Flex and Move with Zyflamend® and Bone Strength Take Care®

So if Zyflamend alone can help us provide the balance that we are lacking in our diet to not only quench the fires of inflammation, but also promote freedom of movement, what if this amazing herbal formula were combined with a powerful plant-based bone health protocol that only nourishes our skeletal system, but also improves our ability to freely “flex and move” in our daily lives?

Well that possibility exists when Zyflamend is combined with New Chapter’s Bone Strength Take Care. Unlike the majority of conventional bone health products out there whose Calcium is derived from limestone, which sounds very difficult to digest now that I think about it, Bone Strength Take Care’s Calcium source is from Lithothamnion Calcareum, a sustainably-harvested red marine algae found in Iceland. This already sounds a lot more digestible and absorbable than rocks! It contains Calcium, Magnesium, and over 70 other trace minerals in nature’s perfect ratio. This Red Algae is the purest algae available on the market and it has the most scientific validation. In fact, Lithothamnion has been shown not only to benefit Bone Health, but also Joint and Digestive health as well Inflammation modulation. It has been studied at the University of Michigan, the University of Colorado, and many other prestigious universities and research facilities.

In addition, in a study published in Nutrition Journal, the algae contained in New Chapter’s Bone Strength Take Care, Lithothamnion Calcareum, was shown to outperform glucosamine sulfate (and a placebo) in terms of improvement of joint flexibility, stiffness, and discomfort. I have seen similar astounding results with my Fibromyalgia clients who suffer from severe joint stiffness and pain and who have chosen to supplement with Bone Strength Take Care.

It All Begins with the Willingness and the Belief that YOU can Heal Yourself

With this new thinking you need to take full responsibility for the food and supplements you put into your body. Think of yourself as an oak seed that wants to grow into an oak tree. In order for the seed to become a healthy, vibrant tree it must be placed in fertile soil. Set yourself up in that fertile soil by creating the right conditions in your lifestyle, diet, supplementation regimen, and most importantly, your consciousness. Seek out and use only the highest quality, clinically-tested supplements like those offered from New Chapter. Then and only then will you set yourself up for optimal health.

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6 thoughts on “Creating a Mindset of Healing”

  1. Heatherbell says:

    I would like to find a direct link to the supplements mentioned.

  2. pearls says:

    As someone who has dealt with fibromyalia since early 2001, and who suffered daily, crushing chest pain, I can vouch for the importance of a positive mindset. I can also vouch for the imporantce of taking responsibility for one’s own health. This is not to negate the fear, pain, depression and all the rest that accompanies this terrible condition. But over time, I was able to get to the place where I do not have that kind of pain anymore, and am able to live a much more normal life.

    This was done by two ways: 1) realizing that I could improve my situation, and 2) learning all I could about the many natural ways of improving one’s health. Among these ways was gradually improving my diet so that, while I continue to enjoy foods (I’m actuall a “foodie”), I eat and appreciate a much more natural diet.

    My pain specialist, who I continue to see as I am winding down from my medications, considers me to be something of a “poster girl” for fibromyaliga recovery. I used to take about ten meds all at once, including high doses of Oxycontin and Vicodin, but am now down to only my Lyrica, the one drug that made a significant dent on my recovery. I recently went down from 300 MG per day of Lyrica to 200 MG, with plans to lower it further, and even do away with it, if possible, because it is my belief that I will be likely better off without it.

    I believe that the meds themselves caused many of my most annoying symptoms, and might have been perpetuating my fibromyalgia, so I am glad to be off of all but the Lyrica.

    I did this mostly on my own, but with the advice of my doctor as to the best ways of getting off my meds. It took some fortitude to do this, since most medical doctors have a pharmaceutical orientation. However, they cannot argue with real results. I don’t expect to get completely over my fibromyalgia, but I certainly do expect to keep improving within the bounds of my advancing age (69).

  3. sPeeDeeBee says:

    I was certainly interested in the discussion of mindset, as I too think its crucial to move out of the victim mindset as soon as reasonably possible. I’m also working hard to understand the effects of diet on my ME/CFS. These were interesting points in the “article.””

    As I read on, however, I felt as if I were listening to the video on the New Chapter site. This reeks of conflict of interest and lacks any disclosure about support from New Chapter or anyone else who might be promoting these products.

    Don’t get me wrong…I take Zyflamend Nighttime, and I love the philosophy behind the New Chapter folks. Lets just keep a clear distinction between unbiased information and sales promotions, huh?

  4. scottyojai says:

    I would like to say that it is impossible to “change your mindset” and “think” your way out of a disease so horrible and deadly as fibromyalgia/chronic fatigue syndrome. This type of article does far more damage to us sufferers of these illnesses than it helps. This kind of article creates a feeling of guilt in us, because when we fail to heal ourselves through changing our thinking, we drop several notches towards helplessness.
    I cannot speak to the effectivness of the herbal products Ms Schnell is pushing, but it is very suspicious when the first five long paragraphs of her article deal with the changing of our “mindset/thinking” idea, then she moves into the elimination of some food groups and then finely into what the article is really about: the sale of a “new” product, a slick packaging of a combination of old herbs.
    I buy a lot of products from ProHealth, i trust them, so it is with a heavy heart that i wonder why Pro Health titles this article ” A Breakthrough in Treating Fibro/cfs”. There is no breakthrough here, just a sales pitch for a “new” product, under the banner of creating a “mindset of healing”. ProHealth, you should know better by now.

  5. Waynesrhythm says:

    I think better care could have been taken in writing this article. There seemed to be several references to the concept that we could all be well, if only we thought we could be well.

    Speaking for myself, and I suspect many thousands of other pwCFS, I’ve believed for many years (decades) that I could get well, but I haven’t. Is this because I’m not “thinking right”, or am limiting myself, or that I’m just not trying hard enough, or……

    I refer to this as Carolyn Myss thinking, and I’m not comfortable with it. It often comes across to me as somewhat condescending. I can also see how somebody with long-term CFS might become introverted from having their lack of success described this way.

    I continue to believe I can improve my health and my circumstances, but here’s only so many dietary, supplemental, and numerous other health regimins that can be pursued at any given time. Perhaps, because of my own resourcefulness and resilience, I’ll find the right combination someday that will turn things around for me. Perhaps not. But it won’t be for lack of trying, or believing I can’t make substantial improvements.

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