Dr. Bateman’s Jan 18 XMRV Webinar Slides Now Online

More than 600 people participated Jan 18 in a CFIDS Association-sponsored XMRV information webinar featuring a presentation by Dr. Lucinda Bateman, MD, director of the research-oriented Fatigue Consultation Clinic in Salt Lake City, Utah. The event – titled “XMRV: Implications for CFS” – was moderated by CFIDS Assoc. scientific director Suzanne Vernon, PhD.

The video record of the event, which the CFIDS Association of America had planned to feature on their website, encountered technical difficulties. But they have made available the 28 slides Dr. Bateman used to spell out basic facts on retroviruses, the XMRV virus, XMRV testing, and current studies.

The slides can be found and downloaded at the CAA websitewww.cfids.org/webinar/xmrv-slides-jan2010.pdf.

Closing her presentation with a positive  “Worst Case Scenario,” Dr. Bateman suggests:

“Even if we eventually determine that XMRV only infects a small subset of CFS patients, and/or that it is not the primary, but rather a secondary infection, at very least… This important breakthrough has succeeded in bringing international attention to CFS in the research, medical and pharma communities, and to policy makers.

“Our job is to help sustain this interest!”


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