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Dr. Burrascano’s List of Required Supplements to Fight Lyme Disease

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Reprinted with the kind permission of Jenna Seaver. To read the original blog article, click here

Dr. Burrascano's List of Required Supplements to Fight Lyme Disease

There are many different recommendations for certain vitamins, minerals or herbs.  
The supplements listed here are from "Dr. Burrascano's Guidelines for the Treatment of Lyme Disease" (download here).

Probiotic  – presumably your doctor has perscribed a probiotic if you are on antibiotics. However, even if you aren't taking antibiotics you should take a probiotic to assist your body as it struggles to eliminate the massive toxins released from the Lyme spirochetes.

Multi-Vitamin  – Even if you currently take a multi-vitamin, you should consider switching to these gender specific multi-vitamins that deliver pharmaceutical grade nutrients ina addition to a proprietary blend of herbs and enzymes – even therapeutic spices to enhance bioavailability and function. 

CoQ-10  – Critical for heart function, but not to be taken if you are on Mepron (for treatment of Babesiosis). I use a product by NOW, but there are many good ones and the price varies greatly. 

Alpha-Lipoic Acid – facilitatesa the entry of CoQ-10 into mitochondria (cell's power source).   Dr. Burrascano recommends 300 mg twice a day so you will need to purchase 4 bottles to cover one months requirements.

Vitamin B Complex – 50 to100 mg is recommended to help clear neurological symptoms.

Magnesium  – "…will help with tremors, twitches, cramps, musxcle soreness, heart skips and weakness." Although some doctors recommend even more.

Essential Fatty Acid – Important to battle fatigue, aches, weakness, vertigo, dizziness, memory, concentration, and some of the other harrowing syptoms of Lyme disease.   Must be kept refrigerated.

Acetyl-L-Carnitine and SAMe – has noticeable improvement with short term memory, mood and cognition. Be sure to read Dr. Burrascano's notes on the proper dosage. Try the following products by Source Naturals, a high quality lab for these nutrients designed to pass the blood/brain barrier and attack the spirochetes colonizing in you central nervous system and brain. 4 cups of green tea can contain 80 to 100 times more antioxidants than Vitamin C. Dr. Burrascano recommends 4 to 7 cups or the equivalent in capsiule form. If you prefer to drink the tea, make sure you choose decaffinated without any additives.

Cordyceps  – a mushroom based formula discovered in Tibet and historically used for stamina and high energy.   Easy to take!  15 to 30 drops can be added to your favorite beverage.

Reishi Mushrooms – another mushroom known to boost killer cells by up to 300% – especially CD-57 (contra-indicated in Lyme disease).  
During my first year of suffering with Neurological Lyme Borreliosis, my primary care doctor and Lyme Specialist agreed that until the severity of my symptoms were reduced, I would not be able to begin the healing process.  I needed very strong pharmacological assistance to reach the point where my body could respond to treatment.  Pain releases cotisol into the blood stream ("fight or flight" chemical) which aggravates many of the altreadt intolerable syptoms of pain, insomnia and anxiety.

As I have researched the many alternative approaches to fighting Lyme disease, I have come across some natural herbs and remedies worth mentioning.  Some are expensive but none require a perscription.  And in my case, some have allowed me to "get off" high powered drugs that I was completely rerliant on for months.

Melatonin  – for insomnia. 

5 HTP – for mood enhancement.  Possible side effect are drowsiness or jitters, so take with care.

GABA – Gamma-amino butyric acid supports and calms the central nervous system that successfully crosses the blood-brain barrier. I use "Gaba-750" available at: HerbsPro.

**Please consult your medical professionals before trying any new vitamin or supplement.  The author is sharing her experience and is not in any way providing medical advice.

Jenna Seaver, formerly Jenna Smith, has been a Lyme advocate for the last decade and publishes a blog about chronic Lyme disease at: http://jennaslymeblog.com.

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