Dr. Cheney to Discuss Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) and Immunocal on Radio Program

“Doctor, Doctor” is a nationally syndicated Radio show, hosted by Dr. Alan Somersall, every Saturday afternoon from 4-6 PM EST, 1-3PM PST. On Saturday, August 28, Dr. Somersall will interview Dr. Paul R. Cheney, MD, Ph.D.

Dr. Cheney is the Director of The Cheney Clinic in Charlotte, NC which exclusively serves the chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) patient community. For over ten years, Dr. Cheney has been a pioneering clinical researcher in the field of CFS. He has published numerous articles in peer-reviewed medical journals and lectured around the world on CFS. He is an internationally recognized authority on the subject of CFS and was a founding Director of the American Association of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (AACFS), a professional association of scientists and clinicians from around the United States interested in or doing research on chronic fatigue syndrome.

Listen to Dr. Cheney as he talks about Immunocal’s effect on CFS. “DOCTOR, DOCTOR” can currently be heard on the following stations:

WPBR West Palm Beach, Florida 1340 AM

KOHO Honolulu, Hawaii 1170 AM

KXTO Reno, Nevada 1550 AM

WISK Americus, Georgia 1390 AM

KTRY Monroe, Louisiana 730 AM

WLYC Williamsport, Pennsylvania 1050 AM

KSDO San Diego, California 930 AM

WDLX Washington, North Carolina 930 AM

WABV Abbeville, South Carolina 1590 AM

WCPK Norfolk, Virginia 1600 AM

WBEY Crisfield, Maryland 96.9 FM

WNSH Beverly, Massachusetts 1570 AM

WPEP Taunton, Massachusetts 1570 AM

WMVU Nashua, New Hampshire 900AM

WBZB Raleigh, North Carolina 1090AM

KQSB San Diego, California

WNNZ Springfield, Massachusetts

KEST San Francisco, California

Listeners outside these areas can hear the program over the Internet (provided you have audio capability) at Internet Live Audio: http://www.libertyworksradio.com Click over to the website and then download the free, easy to install software.

After the program airs, we will make every effort to publish a transcript of the interview in an edition of the email bulletin so that all may benefit from the information.

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