Dr. Cheney’s ME/CFS treatment seminar to include results of stem-cell therapy – April 25 in Fairfax, VA

The Northern Virginia CFS/FM and OI Support Group and the CFS/FM Support Group of Dallas-Fort Worth will sponsor an important free presentation on April 25 by Dr. Paul Cheney, MD, PhD, in Fairfax, Virginia.

Their breaking news, however, is that Dr. Cheney’s presentation – Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: Is Oxygen the Problem and Why? A Four-Part Treatment Protocol – will include results from part four of the investigational protocol, just recently initiated. The final step being stem-cell therapy.

The Event Time and Place:
6 to 9 pm, Saturday, April 25th
Fairfax County Government Center, Board Auditorium – 12000 Government Center Parkway
Fairfax, VA, 22035 (20 miles west of Washington, DC, east of Dulles Airport).

For more information about the event, contact Elly Brosius at (703) 968-9818, or via
cfsupport-ower@yahoogroups.com to register (requested but not required).

For more information about Dr. Cheney’s presentation, which will be taped for DVD sales, see the sponsors’ announcements, posted in the Co-Cure Listserv archive by DFW Support Group member Carol Sieverling. (Dr. Cheney is a preeminent CFS and Environmental Illness Expert, working at The Cheney Clinic in Asheville, NC.)

Please refrain from wearing scented products.

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