Dr. St Amand Needs ‘Normal’ Blood for FM Blood Test Search

Message from Claudia Marek at The Fibromyalgia Treatment Center (http://fibromyalgiatreatment.com) – the clinic of Dr. R Paul St. Amand (father of the Guaifenesin Protocol for fibromyalgia). [Note also that Dr. St amand and Claudia indicate on their site that “two more papers are currently being prepared” regarding their ongoing collaborative FM study with City of Hope.]

As part of the ongoing search for an accurate blood test for Fibromyalgia, in July we will need 45 people without the disease to give us blood. You must be able to travel to Marina del Rey [LA area]. Participants will be paid $45.

If you are interested please contact Claudia Marek claudiacmarek@aol.com.

Send your friends and family – we need help!

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