Draft IACFS/ME Position Statement on the CDC 5-year Research Plan (Issued April 21, 2009)

[Note: IACFS/ME President Fred Friedberg, PhD, issued the following statement via the April IACFS/ME Newsletter regarding the CDC’s announcement of an April 27 Stakeholders’ Meeting for input on its strategic 5-year CFS research plan. The notice was published in the Federal Register April 15, and set a deadline for comments & registration of April 22. Subsequently an extended deadline of May 1 was announced for submission of comments to be considered by the CDC in developing a draft plan for presentation at the May 27-28 CFSAC meeting in Washington.]

Dear CDC:

• More notice, say 60 days, for this important public meeting would have been desirable. With sufficient time, a considered statement about research needs could have been developed.

• We would also have preferred to review in advance a draft version of the CDC 5-year plan. This would have been a reasonable basis for comment and feedback.

• We request a timeline for release and implementation of the CDC 5-year plan. Also, prior to implementation, we would like an opportunity to present formal feedback on the science and goals of the plan.

• To broaden possibilities for innovative research in the challenging and difficult area of CFS, we ask the CDC to consider opening up their funding opportunities to external investigators.

Thank you,
Fred Friedberg, PhD

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