Effect of an antidiencephalon immune serum on pain & sleep in primary fibromyalgia (FM)

The results of a double-blind, randomized, therapeutical trial

with SER282, an antidiencephalon immune serum (Serolab,

Lausanne, Switzerland), in 36 women, aged 24-56 years, with

primary fibromyalgia are presented. Treatment was ambulatory

and consisted of either SER282 (20 mg/ml) or amitryptiline

(AMI, 50 mg) or placebo (PL) over an 8-week treatment course.

Clinical and sleep EEG polygraphic data were obtained at

baseline and after 4 and/or 8 weeks of therapy. Compared to an

important PL response and moderate analgesia with AMI, pain

and associated symptoms improved moderately with SER282. In

contrast, polysomnographic recordings showed that SER282

tended to promote stage 4 sleep, while AMI and PL had few–if

any–effect on sleep. These results are discussed together

with the clinical characteristics of the patients and the

relations between pain, associated symptoms, and sleep

parameters in our patient population.

Kempenaers C, Simenon G, Vander Elst M, Fransolet L, Mingard P, de

Maertelaer V, Appelboom T, Mendlewicz J

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