Effective, Inexpensive Treatment Option for Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

If you suffer from FMS or CFIDS it may be worth your while to try the Myer’s Cocktail. The late John Myer’s, M.D., of Johns Hopkins University developed the treatment.

The standard Myer’s Cocktail consists of:

– B complex (1 cc)

– Vitamin C 222 mg/cc or 500 mg/cc (1-10 cc)

– Magnesium, either 20% chloride or 50% sulfate (1-4 cc)

– Dexpanthenol/Vitamin B5 (1-2 cc)

– Calcium (1-4 cc) (optional)

Typical supplements include:

– B 12 (1 cc)

– B6 (1 cc)

– *Adrenal Cortical Extract (ACE) (1-2 cc)

– *Glyceron (1-2 cc)

– *Glutathione, an antioxidant (1-2 cc)

* Not FDA approved so they cannot be imported across state lines for the purpose of treating patients

The cocktail is diluted to 20 or 30 cc and administered by a very slow injection (1-2 cc per minute). Injections are typically given 1-2 times per week and patients can expect to feel some relief by the second week of treatment. Individuals with chronic conditions usually opt to continue receiving injections every 1-4 weeks indefinitely. Over 80% of the FMS patients that receive this treatment report that they experience pain relief.

Minimal side effects have been reported with local vein discomfort topping the list. Some experience flushing due to the magnesium content and can taste a vitamin flavor directly following the injection. Allergy to the preservative in the nutrients must be ruled out.

The premise of the cocktail is that many illnesses appear with a brigade of digestive conditions in tow thus the body is unable to properly digest and extract the nutrients it desperately needs from the diet. The nutrients in the cocktail are injected therefore they bypass the digestive process and go straight to work healing what ails.

Those with FMS, CFIDS, and chronic depression report feeling an energy boost lasting from days to weeks.

This is a straight forward, effective, inexpensive treatment that helps people manage their pain and acquire the nutrients that are essential to heath.


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