Effective Pain Palliation in Fibromyalgia Syndrome Patients with Botulinum Toxin Type-A: Case Series of 25 – Source: Journal of Musculoskeletal Pain, vol. 15 #4, 2007

Background: These case reports document effective treatment using botulinum toxin type-A [BTX-A] in Fibromyalgia syndrome [FMS] patients. Outcome measures [including pain scales, Fibromyalgia Impact Questionnaire, algometry] were recorded on 25 FMS patients undergoing repeated BTX-A injections [one to five years duration].

Findings: Pain and function were improved in these patients. Muscles injected with good response included the frontalis, corrugators [for headache], levator scapulae, pectoralis minor [neck/shoulder pain], paraspinals, piriformis and sacroiliac ligaments [low back pain].

The BTX-A worked best with biomechanical approaches incorporating postural correction and core stability strengthening.

Conclusion: Our clinical experience suggests that pain in FMS patients may be effectively managed with BTX-A.

Source: Journal of Musculoskeletal Pain, vol. 15 #4, 2007, pp. 55-66. DOI: 10.1300/J094v15n04_07, by Ko GD, Whitmore S, Huang D, McDonald R.

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