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Effects of lifestyle physical activity on perceived symptoms and physical function in adults with fibromyalgia: Results of a randomized trial – Source: Arthritis Research & Therapy, Mar 30, 2010

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Introduction: Although exercise is therapeutic for adults with fibromyalgia (FM), its symptoms often create obstacles that discourage exercise. We evaluated the effects of accumulating at least 30 minutes of self-selected lifestyle physical activity (LPA) on perceived physical function, pain, fatigue, body mass index, depression, tenderness, and the six-minute walk test in adults with FM.

Methods: Eighty-four minimally active adults with FM were randomized to either LPA or a FM education control (FME) group. LPA participants worked toward accumulating 30 minutes of self-selected moderate-intensity LPA, five to seven days per week, while the FME participants received information and support.

Results: Seventy-three of the 84 participants (87%) completed the 12-week trial. The LPA group increased their average daily steps by 54%. Compared to FME, the LPA group reported significantly less perceived functional deficits (P = .032) and less pain (P = .006). There were no differences between the groups on the six-minute walk test (P = .067), fatigue, depression, body mass index, or tenderness.

Conclusions: Accumulating 30 minutes of LPA throughout the day produces clinically relevant changes in perceived physical function and pain in previously minimally active adults with FM.

Trial Registration: clinicaltrials.gov NCT00383084.

Source: Arthritis Research & Therapy, Mar 30, 2010;12(2):R55. PMID: 20353551 by Fontaine KR, Conn L, Clauw DJ. Division of Rheumatology, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Baltimore, Maryland, USA. [E-mail: kfontai1@jhmi.edu]

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