Elevation of bioactive transforming growth factor-beta in serum from patients with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS)

Patients with CFS had significantly higher levels of

bioactive TGF-beta levels compared to the healthy control

major depression, SLE, R/R MS, and CP MS groups (P < 0.01).

Additionally, no significant differences were found between

the healthy control subjects and any of the disease

comparison groups. The current finding that TGF-beta is

significantly elevated among patients with CFS supports the

findings of two previous studies examining smaller numbers of

CFS patients. In conclusion, TGF-beta levels were

significantly higher in CFS patients compared to patients

with various diseases known to be associated with immunologic

abnormalities and/or pathologic fatigue. These findings raise

interesting questions about the possible role of TGF-beta in

the pathogenesis of CFS.

Bennett AL, Chao CC, Hu S, Buchwald D, Fagioli LR, Schur PH, Peterson PK, Komaroff AL

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