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Email President Obama to Ask About His ME/CFS Promise

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Courtney Miller, spouse of chronic fatigue syndrome patient Bob Miller, is asking the community to spark President Obama’s attention to ME/CFS funding through an easy email campaign. Following is her request, followed by a link to the White House Office of Public Engagement email page, and suggested text for your email.

Here's text of an email for you and everyone you know to send to the White House Office of Public Engagement, asking to have the President tell me what happened to the Obama Promise he made to me at the Reno Town Hall meeting in April 2011.

The Reno Gazette published my letter to the editor (http://www.rgj.com/article/20120603/OPED02/306030021/Still-waiting-proof-he-kept-his-promise) and I am hoping if enough people send emails… the President will respond.

Courtney Miller


[Note: To send your message, go to the email page at the White House Office of Public Engagement website, at http://www.whitehouse.gov/contact/submit-questions-and-comments]

President Obama’s Promise on Chronic Fatigue Syndrome at Reno Town Hall

President Obama made Courtney Miller a simple promise at the 2011 Reno Town Hall meeting that means everything to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome patients. He promised to “have the National Institutes of Health explain to me what they’re currently doing, and start seeing if they can do more on this particular ailment.”

More than a million Americans have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and an overwhelming majority are women. National Institutes of Health neglects this women’s disease.

The Obama Promise to Courtney and her family can be viewed at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U2IFtkXofss (minute 47:00).

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome patients in America are waiting to learn what happened to this Obama Promise. Please ask the President to honor his word and tell Courtney what happened.

(Name, years ill, city)

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