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Erythema migrans and the differential diagnosis of annular erythema.


The diagnosis of
Lyme disease (LD) or
Lyme borreliosis is often based on the recognition of erythema migrans (EM) because its clinical appearance precedes systemic manifestations of the
disease and the antibody response. The clinical basis and variable presentation of EM leave room for diagnostic error and, as a consequence, potential long-term repercussions such as rheumatic, cardiac, ophthalmic, or neurologic complications. Most cases are reported in the Northcentral and Northeastern states. In areas where LD is not endemic, the differential diagnosis of annular erythema may not list EM highly, although all the features of a lesion may fit the typical description of EM. Therefore, a complete understanding of LD and its clinical presentation are key in making a diagnosis, especially in areas with low incidence. We present a hypothetical case report of EM from Oklahoma, a state with low incidence of LD, for the purposes of review of this entity and the differential diagnosis of annular erythema.

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