FDA Drug Index Offers Quick Links to Active Safety Alerts, Info & Advice

Consumers can get important information about prescription drugs in the Food & Drug Administration’s Index to Drug-Specific Information. Drugs are listed alphabetically by name, and each is linked to important information.

Most important, drugs with an Active Safety Alert are marked with a red flag. In addition to a warning about possible adverse effects and an explanation of what to watch for when taking the drug, there is a link that consumers can use to report their own adverse effects, if any, to the FDA.

Other plain-language information about listed drugs includes, for example:

• Nature of the drug & various names

• What the drug is used for

• General precautions

• What you should tell your healthcare provider if you’re prescribed this med

• Possible side effects.

For information on the drug’s possible interactions with other drugs you take, try the Drug Interactions Checker at Drugs.com.

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