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Fibromyalgia Answers

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Reprinted with the kind permission of Sue Ingebretson and Rebuilding Wellness

What Fibromyalgia answers would you like to hear? If you sat down with a Fibromyalgia expert, what would you ask? Lucky for you, the neat peeps at did all the hard interviewing work so you don’t have to.

This month is all about giving.

My intent for the weeks ahead is to give you supportive information that you’ll need to help to step into the New Year with a renewed spirit of health and vitality!

In today’s post, I’ll share an extensive interview that’ll be sure to give you at least a few surprises about fibromyalgia, wellness in general, and your body’s ability to heal.

Fibromyalgia Answers from the Experts

I’m grateful to share an interview with When they contacted me to be part of their Ask the Expert series, I jumped at the opportunity.

They first asked, “Do you have information about fibromyalgia that you’d like others to know?”

Oh boy, do I!

We were off and running. They asked the questions – I let ‘er rip.

In this interview, you’ll see my answers to tough questions such as this one:

“Fibromyalgia is a really new diagnosis and there are a lot of misconceptions surrounding what it means to have it. What is the one misconception about fibromyalgia you wish you could correct, the world over?”

There are lots of other juicy questions, too. And, you don’t know how exciting it is to do an interview (I’ve done many) and to see it ALL in print – in its entirety, just as I shared it. Nothing edited out. Nothing is deleted. That’s a new experience for me.

Usually, I’m willing to settle and be happy if my name is spelled right.

This tell-it-like-it-is interview shares my personal and professional work with healing from fibromyalgia and more.

Sue’s Fibromyalgia Answers – 
Nutrishatives Ask The Expert Interview Series

Sue IngebretsonSue Ingebretson is becoming a most sought after symptom-relief expert in the fibromyalgia and chronic illness communities. She’s known for getting to the root of her client’s health challenges and delivering long-term results using a light-hearted approach without quick-fix remedies that only mask symptoms. You can find out more and contact Sue at

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