Fibromyalgia Credit Course for Healthcare Providers Offered at

This Fibromyalgia Continuing Medical Education (CME) course may be taken online for 1 AMA Physician’s Recognition Award Category 1 Credit through May 31, 2007. It is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education, sponsored by the Dannemiller Memorial Educational Foundation, and prepared by Steven Simon, MD, RPh, Assistant Clinical Professor, Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, University of Kansas Medical Center.redit toward the AMA Physician's Recognition Award.

The one-hour educational activity should prepare participants to:
1. Examine various theories regarding the cause of Fibromyalgia.
2. Define current criteria for the diagnosis of FM.
3. Select other conditions that mimic FM.
4. And identify the goals of treating patients with FM.

Healthcare professionals interested in learning about and earning this Fibromyalgia CME credit can learn more at

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