fibromyalgia (FM): a risk factor for osteoporosis

OBJECTIVE: To investigate associations of bone mineral density
(BMD) and osteoporosis in patients with fibromyalgia (FM) and
healthy controls.

METHODS: Twenty-four women meeting the
American College of Rheumatology criteria for FM (23
Caucasians, one Asian) were each compared to 2 age (+/-3
years) and ethnically matched controls by bone densitometry of
the femoral neck and lumbar spine. The patients' ages were 33
to 60 years. No patient or control used steroids or other bone
demineralizing agents. Simple T tests were used to compare hip
and lumbar spine BMD of FM cases to controls by 3 decades
(31-40, 41-50, 51-60 years).

RESULTS: The patients with FM in
all 3 decades had a lower mean BMD of the spine (p<0.05). The
femoral neck BMD were also lower, but reached significance
(p<0.05) only in the 51-60 age group.

pilot study was frequently associated with osteoporosis. Early
detection and implementation of appropriate nutritional
supplementation (calcium/vitamin D), resistive and weight
bearing exercise, and specific bone mineral enhancing
pharmacological therapy may be indicated in pre, peri, and
postmenopausal subjects.

Swezey RL, Adams J

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