Fibromyalgia (FM) & women’s pursuit of personal goals: a daily process analysis

For 30 days, 50 women with primary fibromyalgia syndrome
reported daily progress and effort toward a health-fitness and
a social-interpersonal goal and the extent to which their pain
and fatigue hindered their accomplishment. They also carried
palmtop computers to assess their sleep and their pain,
fatigue, and positive and negative mood throughout the day.
Analyses of the person-day data set showed that on days during
which pain or fatigue increased from morning to evening,
participants perceived their goal progress to be more
attenuated by pain and fatigue. Unrestorative sleep the night
before predicted the following day's effort and progress
toward accomplishing health-fitness goals, but not
social-interpersonal goals. Finally, participants who reported
more progress toward social-interpersonal goals on a given day
were more likely to evidence improvements in positive mood
across the day, regardless of any changes in pain or fatigue
that day.

Affleck G, Tennen H, Urrows S, Higgins P, Abeles M, Hall C, Karoly P, Newton C

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