Fibromyalgia syndrome: The beneficial effects of exercise.

Journal: Rehabil Nurs. 2006 Sep-Oct;31(5):193-8. Authors and Affiliation: Karper WB, Jannes CR, Hampton JL; Department of Exercise and Sport Science, School of Health and Human Performance, University of North Carolina-Greensboro, USA. PMID: 16948441 This article highlights positive outcomes for a convenience sample of six women (49-64 years of age) with fibromyalgia syndrome (FMS) who participated in an exercise program over 5 years. This group showed improvement with various FMS symptoms, fitness, and psychosocial factors early in the program, then showed further improvement as a result of adding new exercises to the protocol during the fourth and fifth years. Data suggest that certain people with FMS can improve their functional capacity with exercise over time, and move to even higher levels of physical function while aging and coping with FMS. Practical advice is provided for rehabilitation nurses regarding exercise and FMS.

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