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How to Find a Lyme-Literate Doctor in the United States or Canada

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Reprinted from TheLymeMaze.blogspot.com by permission of the author. To read the original article, click here. 

It may take a bit of research and digging, but it IS possible to find a Lyme-literate medical doctor (LLMD).  It is unlikely that you will find one in Canada, however.  Most Canadian physicians will not treat Lyme with long-term antibiotics.  If there still are a few who will, then they are keeping a low profile, and it may be very difficult to find them.

In the U.S., like in Canada, most family doctors and infectious disease specialists side with the IDSA (Infectious Diseases Society of America), and stick with the extremely flawed and outdated guidelines set out by this organization.  You need to find a physician who belongs to ILADS, the International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society.  This physician will evaluate your situation and make a clinical diagnosis of your condition.  He/she will devise a treatment plan that is best for YOU, depending on how you respond to the medication.

So where do you find one of these physicians?  If you live in B.C., you are in luck!  Naturopaths in B.C. are able to prescribe antibiotics, and a handful of them are learning about Lyme and how to treat it appropriately.  Some people choose to fly to B.C. to see one of these LLNDs, and then do follow-up appointments by phone.  To get a list of B.C. LLNDs, you can contact Dr. Ernie Murakami (info below) or join the Facebook group “Lyme Oh Oh Canada”.

You can also do what I did and find an LLMD in the U.S.  My suggestion is that you contact a Lyme support group in a nearby state in the U.S.  The individuals running the support groups have names of doctors that they can share with you.  There are several in N.Y. state and one or two that I know of in Maryland, Massachusetts, Ohio, Michigan, Washington D.C., Washington state, and California.

You can also contact the following organizations for physician referral:
Canadian Lyme Disease Foundation (CanLyme)
International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society (ILADS)
Global Lyme Alliance
Lyme Disease Network (LymeNet)
Lyme Disease Association
Lyme Disease Association of Ontario

Other resources to consider:

Keep in mind that you can also treat using herbals, so if you can find a good herbalist locally, they can provide you with antimicrobial tinctures.  I would recommend reading the books by master herbalist Stephen Buhner first so that you can have an informed discussion with your herbalist.  Dr. Bill Rawls also provides herbal remedies.  He, himself, suffered from Lyme and you can check out his website here.

Dr. Ernie Murakami is a retired physician from B.C. who treated Lyme patients for many years. Unfortunately, because he used long-term antibiotics which is not the protocol in Canada, the College of Physicians and Surgeons refused to renew his licence and left him with no choice but to retire.  He has a wealth of information, continues to give presentations at Lyme conferences, and is willing to talk to physicians to help them come up with appropriate treatment plans for Lyme patients.  (However, there are few Canadian physicians who would stray from the current conservative protocol.)  There is a phone number on his website, and if you leave a message, he will call you back to give you assistance (free of charge).
Dr. E. Murakami Centre for Lyme

Dr. Angela Lee is a Lyme-literate naturopath located in Richmond Hill, Ontario.  While she will be unable to prescribe antibiotics, she will be able to help you in other ways which would include diet, herbals, acupuncture, etc.  Tel: 905-237-7031
Dr. Angela Lee

The Ontario Lyme Disease Clinic deals in complementary medicine and is located in Uxbridge, Ontario.  The individual who runs the clinic is trained in traditional Chinese medicine, and can offer help through the use of various supplements and treatments.  He will be unable to provide prescription medication, however.
Ontario Lyme Disease Clinic

Dr. Marty Ross, a Lyme-literate medical doctor (LLMD) from Seattle, Washington, has an EXCELLENT website. There are many resources to be found there, including a treatment manual that can be downloaded for free.  He also hosts a free webinar every week in which you can ask questions related to your condition.  The webinars are now recorded, so you can watch them after the fact, as well.  See Treat Lyme.

LymeMD is a great blog with a wealth of information written by an LLMD from Maryland, U.S.A.  He describes many of the Lyme cases he deals with daily.

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