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Flowtrition – the most ideal health care for symptoms of Fibromyalgia

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By Lisa Adams
Fibromyalgia is described as a chronic disorder characterized by widespread pain, tenderness, and stiffness of muscles and associated connective tissue structures that is typically accompanied by fatigue, headache and sleep disturbances.  Often, this disorder is referred to as Fibromyalgia Syndrome as it is diagnosed by a group of symptoms and widespread pain for at least three months. 

Per the Mayo Clinic’s evaluation, “Fibromyalgia appears to be linked to changes in how the brain and spinal cord process pain signals.” 

I have been a registered nurse for more than two decades and have worked in health care for over 27 years.  I have seen and touched many bodies in this time, and nothing has been more profound to me than to witness how our body’s nervous system (brain and spinal cord) respond to stress. Our body experiences and reacts to stress in many forms. These stressors can be physical, mental, emotional and chemical. 

  • Physical stress can be an injury, trauma, surgery, pain (especially chronic pain) and inflammation or irritation.  When our body experiences physical stress, it creates tension by tightening up muscles and connective tissue in an effort to protect the body and its structures.  

  • Mental stress can stem from worry, fear or concern about things such as finances, work, school, home, and/or car repairs.

  • Emotional stress can stem from relationship issues, grief, forms of mental illness such as depression and anxiety, and loneliness or isolation.

  • Chemical stress can stem from repeated exposure to toxins such as cleaning products, perfumes and beauty products, industrial pollution, allergens such as pollen, ragweed and mold, food sensitivities to such things as sugar, wheat, alcohol etc., and side effects of over the counter as well as prescription medication. 

When our body experiences mental, emotional and chemical stress, it creates the very same tension in muscle and connective tissue that it does with physical stress!
This direction to “create tension” comes from our nervous system (brain and spinal cord) and is a healthy response designed to protect us during emergency or life threatening situations.  This is our very basic reptilian brain responding and setting in motion an amazing chain of events within the body aimed at protecting and preserving us as a living organism.  The human body is the most fascinating self-regulating system in existence!
This chain of events includes not only physical reactions such as increased heart rate and blood pressure so muscles get plenty of blood supply to keep tension up, but also includes physiological reactions such as precisely timed hormone release.  This hormone release sends out epinephrine, nor-epinephrine and cortisol to our blood stream to create alertness and to maintain the rapid supply of blood and oxygen to our brain.  These hormones also act to protect our body and organs from such things as severe injury, dehydration and starvation. 
As you can see, this reaction from our nervous system is very critical and life preserving in a real emergency such as being chased by a tiger.  The reality is that very few of us have ever been exposed to such a threat.  However, our nervous system does not differentiate between what is a real threat (tiger chasing us – life threatening) versus what is a perceived threat (how am I going to pay this bill, I can’t take this pain any longer, how will I ever move on without them in my life – perceived threat).  This same reaction can occur in our body to any and all stressors. 
The more a person is exposed to multiple stressors, the more this reaction occurs. The more this occurs, the faster and faster our body becomes at creating a quick response to all stress, thus creating “tension patterns” that can cause all kinds of difficulty in our body such as muscular pain, digestion disorders, hypersensitivity to noise, smell, light etc., sleep disorders, depression and anxiety.
Our nervous system operates much like the electrical system in our home.  Our brain and spinal cord act as our main breaker box.  As all current or electricity is directed through the main breaker box, all thoughts/perceptions or messages are directed through our brain and spinal cord.  These messages are then sent to our tissue and organ systems to create action.  If a breaker flips off, this is a sign that there is too much current or a flaw to this line of electricity.  It does this as a protective mechanism to prevent a fire or damage to that line. 
Our body operates as the exact same system…if there is too much input to one area (i.e., continued stress response to chronic low back pain or a memory of a trauma experienced during childhood), our body re-routes the messaging so it can take care of the rest of our body’s systems.  This self-regulating system is so amazing and can take on massive damage, or excessive input, yet is able to continually re-direct to preserve the structure (human body). 
Unfortunately, this re-routing can cause some areas of communication along the spinal column to get bunched up or blocked.  When this happens, it is difficult for the affected area(s) to heal or operate efficiently.  Keep in mind an area that gets “blocked” could be related to your digestive tract, pain receptors, emotional and/or cognitive centers, etc.  All of our messaging has to pass through our main breaker box (brain and spinal cord).
As you can see, if a body is repeatedly exposed to and reacting to stressors in the same way, our emergency “fight or flight” system is constantly activated. This kind of response keeps our body in protection or survival mode.  By being hyper alert, which interferes with sleep and concentration, as well as maintaining constant muscle tension, our body becomes fatigued after a period of time.  A real emergency response from our body is intended to last anywhere from 2 to 48 hours, not weeks, months or years.
Fibromyalgia symptoms may be a result of multiple communication systems being overwhelmed or blocked over a period of time. When the body does not get time to recover via sleep or down time of the nervous system, the body’s entire self-regulating system becomes mal-adaptive.  This creates inappropriate responses due to failed or interrupted communication along the spinal cord, which then sends faulty or excessive messages to the body tissues and organ systems.
Flowtrition is a 15-30 minute gentle touch session directed at connecting to very specific points along the spinal column which are like direct access points to the central nervous system (brain and spinal cord).  With the right touch, at the right time, in the right place, the objective is to guide the body into a state of ease by dropping spinal cord tension, thus allowing proper communication to body systems.  This results in a drop in tension throughout the body, therefore relieving pain and muscle spasms as well as chronic tension patterns.  Once the body is able to release tension, it begins improving circulation, immune function, sleep patterns and digestion.  This shift provides an overall sense of ease allowing the body to begin healing itself as it is designed to do.
Flowtrition is the most ideal health care treatment for symptoms of Fibromyalgia, as the ONLY objective of this work is to connect to a body’s nervous system. Fibromyalgia is the result of disconnect in how the brain and spinal cord react to pain….Flowtrition allows the body to re-establish effective communication in the nervous system.
This work is not about a practitioner putting any force on a body to create external change or shut off symptoms with medication.  It is about a practitioner introducing a very specific and gentle touch along the spinal column, in very specific places at just the right time. This touch simply encourages a person’s body to redirect and/or correct messaging, thus changing the response to stress.
By redirecting the body’s response from “fight or flight” to that of “rest, digest and reproduce,” the nervous system begins to retrain itself to react differently.  As a result of this retraining, a chronic stress response is interrupted or stopped, and symptoms such as chronic pain, sleep disorders, headaches/migraines and muscle pain dissipate along with the emotional patterns that are often associated with a chronic pain disorders. Once this happens, the body is able to function as intended as this amazing self-regulating and self-healing system.

“The body cannot begin to heal while in a constant state of tension.”
~ Lisa Adams ~

Lisa Adams is a Certified Flowtrition Practitioner, nurse and health and wellness educator who has combined over 24 years of experience as a registered nurse with training in Flowtriton as well as therapeutic massage and bodywork to provide her clients with the most comprehensive and holistic approach to preventive healthcare.   Lisa believes that wellness starts from within and that if we have trust in our body’s ability to heal as it is designed, amazing things happen.   She also believes that optimal health is achieved in a multi-system approach that includes body, mind and spirit.  Lisa’s passion to increase awareness in individuals about they way their body functions.  This is essential to making changes.
Being a Flowtrition practitioner is the one vehicle that has allowed Lisa to connect with so many by tapping into all of these systems simultaneously via the nervous system.  She has witnessed the ability to get messages to “central control” (the brain and spinal cord) to allow systems such as musculoskeletal, digestion, reproduction and immune function return to a state of ease and cell regeneration which are both essential to prevent and heal “dis-ease.” 
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One thought on “Flowtrition – the most ideal health care for symptoms of Fibromyalgia”

  1. SammyKitty10 says:

    Really found this article interesting as never heard of this, and have had fibromyalgia for some time now! I do also find Thai Massage to really make me feel so much better some how resetting things whenever I go, as literally come out of there feeling like I am floating as the release of toxic and stimulation of better circulation makes me feel so much better. This method of Flowtriton, sounds similar, thus something I will seek out here in Massachusetts, as would love to try it.

    Thanks for sharing this info with the general public and us fibromyalgia sufferers!

    Much appreciative!


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