Forum: “Building a National Health Policy Plan for President Bush or President Kerry”

– Please Plan to Attend the Premiere Healthcare Event This Fall –

What: “Building a National Health Policy Plan for President Bush or President Kerry”

When and Where: Wednesday, October 20, 2004 – UCLA – Los Angeles, California

A Forum for Healthcare Professionals, Advocacy Groups, Health Industry
Representatives, Policy Directors, Government Relations Managers, Students and Voters Devoted to Discussing and Debating Solutions for National Health Policy

** Registration and forum information: **

Healthcare is in critical condition and a key issue in this year’s election. Just days before the election we are bringing together experts and forum attendees to debate health policy solutions that
President Bush or President Kerry must consider. Roundtable topics will be discussed by senior elected officials, healthcare experts and representatives of advocacy groups and the healthcare industry. The roundtable dicussions will include questions from the attendees and cover the following areas:

• What are the critical issues in formulating a national health policy plan?”

• What key elements should be included in a national health policy plan?”

• What are the financing solutions for a national health policy plan?”

• “The Bush Plan” and “The Kerry Plan; a debate among senior campaign

We’ve invited the President Bush, Senator Kerry, senior Members of Congress and California elected officials to speak. All roundtable discussions and will be moderated by renowned healthcare moderator Ian Morrison and include balanced speakers representing various points of view from the following invited organizations:

Pacific Research Institute Service Employers International Union (SEIU)

RAND Corporation, California Medical Association

AARP AstraZeneca

Aventis UCLA Center for Health Policy Research

American Health Care Association California Association of Nurse Practioners

Cedars Sinai Health System McKesson Healthcare

California Healthcare Association Alzheimer’s Association

Bush/Cheney 2004 Kerry/Edwards 2004

CapGemini California Chamber of Commerce

WebMD Corporation Milken Institute/Faster Cures

Registration is $50.00 and includes coffee breaks, buffet lunch, Forum materials and a post-event

reception with elected officials, roundtable participants and all attendees. Please register for the forum at our website: or call (800) 480-9221 ext 701

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