Founder’s Corner: Are organic fruits and vegetables worth the extra money? You be the judge.

Ever wonder how much pesticide is in your fruits and vegetables? This should be of special concern to Fibromyalgia and ME-CFS patients, whose fragile bodies are frequently overburdened with toxins.

The non-profit Environmental Working Group developed a list of the 10 fruits and vegetables that are most laden with poison, as well as the 10 that are most likely to be free of chemicals. Results were derived from about 43,000 tests for pesticides on produce collected by the USDA and FDA – and nearly all of the data used to create the list already consider how people typically wash and prepare produce.

Those in the ‘worst’ list are the fruits and vegetables that would be most worth spending the extra money on to make sure they are organic.

The 10 ‘worst’ are:

1. peaches

2. apples

3. bell peppers

4. celery

5. nectarines

6. strawberries

7. cherries

8. lettuce

9. grapes (imported)

10. pears

The 10 ‘best’ are:

1. onions

2. avocado

3. corn

4. pineapples

5. mango

6. peas

7. asparagus

8. kiwi

9. bananas

10. cabbage

Is it better to completely avoid the ‘worst’ produce when you can’t find or afford organic sources? Experts say that consuming fruits and vegetables, no matter how they are grown, is better than not eating fruits and vegetables at all. Still, your best bet is to spend the extra money by buying organic whenever possible. (To review details of the Environmental Working Group’s findings for the 46 most commonly consumed types of produce, see their Complete Data Set at

Here’s to your good health,

Rich Carson

CFS patient, ProHealth founder

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One thought on “Founder’s Corner: Are organic fruits and vegetables worth the extra money? You be the judge.”

  1. sues1 says:

    I am under Cancer treatment at this time. Among my “new rules” I must be very diligent on washing all very, very well. I got a special wash for same. All can be very dangerous for me at this time.

    Because of chemo my immunity is very low.
    It does show just how many veggies and fruits are dangerous for our health, if not handled properly.

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