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Founder’s Corner: Wackiest Thing A Doctor Ever Told You?

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In my September 27 Founder's Corner, I invited our readers to write letters sharing their comments with the community – and the response was fabulous (see "Letters From Our Readers" below). It's clear that you're looking for the kinds of connections that can come when you start exchanging ideas and information with other Fibromyalgia sufferers. And in so many cases, it seems the best way you could do that is to go to ProHealth's community Message Boards.
Just look for a topic you're interested in – or ask your own open-ended question – and you'll surely benefit from the collective wisdom of an amazing group of involved people. To give you an example, I've been following a poll on "Most ridiculous thing your doctor ever said?" We've had so much fun with it that I thought we should give everyone an opportunity to contribute their own howlers.

Just to get the juices flowing, here are a few recent postings:

  • I was seeing a GI doc for problems with reflux and the chest pain that goes with it. I asked him how I would know if it was cardiac related. His exact words were "Oh, you will know!"
  • In the ER after a severe car accident: "Well at least you wore clean underwear."
  • "Hmm, your B-12 is extremely low, your potassium is abnormally high, and your magnesium is very low. We'll recheck these in a year."
  • One of the doctor's tests was for me to look up with my eyes. With myasthenia gravis, this causes immediate drooping eyelid (ptosis). He says, "Excuse me I have to hold up your eyelid to see your eye." On his report he wrote "no ptosis."
  • After I was diagnosed with CFS my doctor told me to run a 9-minute mile for 15 minutes every other day. I did, and got so sick I could hardly get out of bed. When I told him what happened he said "Boy, you must be out of shape." (Another participant commented, "Did you know that in the South He needed killin' is a valid defense?")

My own ridiculous doctor story? It's the dermatologist who told me I was "the most sophisticated hypochondriac" he ever met. To share your anecdote, just go to Wackiest Thing Your Doctor Ever Told You.

Wishing you the blessing of laughter,

Rich Carson
ProHealth Founder and CFS Patient

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