Friday, Jan 9 – Live Chat Q&A with Nutrition & Supplement Expert Dr. Scott Olson

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Note: We thank Dr. Olson for generously hosting the very interesting Live Chat on January 9. Look for the resulting Q&A script in ProHealth’s January ME/CFS and FM e-newsletters.

The Event: Live Chat Q&A with Nutritional Healing Expert Dr. Scott Olson

Join us to ask questions and learn about nutritional supplements & herbals, diet’s role in illness and healing, and more! “Definitely not your typical doctor’s advice.”

The Place: Community Chat Rooms.

The Time: Friday, Jan 9, 2009 – 3 to 4 pm Pacific (6 to 7 Eastern). For the time where you live, use the World Clock Time Zone Converter – type in the chat day & time (3 pm) in USA/California & convert to your location.

The Expert: Dr. Scott Olson, ND, is a board certified naturopathic physician, nutrition researcher, and author of the new book, Sugarettes: Sugar Addiction and Your Health, which addresses sugar’s association with today’s most common illnesses and offers practical advice.

Dr. Olson specializes in natural medicine – health and healing through optimal diet, nutritional & botanical supplementation, alternative therapies, and exercise/lifestyle. His areas of interest range from diabetes, heart disease, and chemical sensitivities, to migraine, arthritis, insomnia, pain and fatigue. You can ask him for his views on dealing naturally with depression and anxiety, hormone replacement therapy, detoxification, digestion problems, yeast & other infections, weight loss, and much more.

To learn more about Dr. Olson and his thoughts about health & healing, visit his website (, now featuring a weekly Health News Digest with comments on nutrition-related research.

And read some of his recent articles, including:

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1 Star2 Stars3 Stars4 Stars5 Stars (66 votes, average: 2.90 out of 5)

4 thoughts on “Friday, Jan 9 – Live Chat Q&A with Nutrition & Supplement Expert Dr. Scott Olson”

  1. BeiYin says:

    Question: You are saying: „…healing through optimum diet, supplementation, and lifestyle.“ Isn’t there something missing?
    Shouldn’t it made clear that a ‚healing process‘ is at the same time a ‚growing process‘? Hasn’t the individual got sick because there was a blockage in their growing? Living the way people are ‚normally‘ live: Caught in a materialistic world view and going for goals that exclude most subtle sense of life? Shouldn’t they know that there lays the cause for most of all disease? Striving for goals that are given by manipulation of power people who rule this society? Isn’t the stress that is caused because people can’t reach those established goals a main reason that disease occurs? Isn’t disease the intention of the human whole system to heal oneself? When becoming sick people expect from the established health system (hat of course is part of this society), to be fixed without doing anything about it. People are depending totally on the authority of ‚professionals‘. Isn’t part of the healing that people take self responsibility? And with this then ‚growing‘? Shouldn’t people be informed that they made themselves sick and that they need to take responsibility for this? Shouldn’t people be inspired by their medical helper to do something about their ignorance and naivety?

    PS: By the way: I healed myself from Fibromyalgia a few years ago, although the doctors said that there is no cure, but I’m healed and no symptoms came back… Also I healed myself from an inguinal hernia, although the medical doctors said that only surgery can repair this…

    1. kateb says:

      People sometimes don’t make themselves sick but are exposed to toxic elements that can cause them to become sick, or have a genetic issue in their family that predisposes them to a type of illness. Such comments about people making themselves sick only increase the stereotype that people with disabilities face and may encourage false guilt on a person who is already dealing with trying to get better.

  2. outofstep says:

    Beiyin, congratulations on healing yourself. I wish that everyone who had a disease could do the same thing. However, sometimes people just get sick, many because of the combination of a genetic vulnerability and a viral or bacterial infection. You wouldn’t accuse a child of contracting an illness because of some sort of struggle with the patriarchy and/or a lack of “growing”. While I do believe in the importance of alternative therapies, I think that it is unrealistic to discount the benefits of scientific research and drug therapies.

  3. BeiYin says:

    It is not that easy! And of course in such a comment not all fields can be covered, so there is still space to find good arguments against it. Who is content with the treatments of the established medical system will not be open for any other view. It is much easier to take same pills or let things be done on oneself then to question oneself and take self responsibility. That’s hard work but would turn ones suffering and total dependency on authority into a creative process and that would be real healing and growing.
    I notice that my other comments at this Web site are already deleted. I experienced this in other places: What doesn’t fit and confirm the established view will be ignored or eliminated. I have written at my Web site why this is so… It is the usual behaviour caused by human nature that needs to defend ones properties: established concepts, beliefs, views, opinions… in one word: ones personality.

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