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Friends of Ravyn’s Doll Share Their Fibromyalgia Story  

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We posted a video yesterday about the Ravyn’s Doll campaign, and Melissa Swanson offers additional information about the campaign here.

Do you cringe when you see a fibromyalgia commercial come on the air? They make it sound so simple and easy to fix. I’ve always wanted to create my own commercial letting the world know what it is we go through on our good and bad days living with fibro.

Brandi Clevinger, the ISFN Families & Fibromyalgia Director, approached me about using my book, Ravyn’s Doll, to spread awareness about fibromyalgia.

Brandi has created a fun, easy way to be involved and share your story while teaching others about fibromyalgia. It’s like we’re all creating our own commercials and showing the world our story.

In my book, Ravyn’s Doll, a kindergarten class makes paper dolls representing someone they love who is hurt or sick. Ravyn, my daughter, made her doll look like her mom (me) and surprised her classmates because it looked like there was nothing wrong with her. She told her friends her mom has an illness on the inside that you cannot see on the outside called fibromyalgia.

Ravyn used her paper doll to teach her classmates about fibromyalgia.

What can you do to help spread awareness?  We would love you to share your fibromyalgia story in these 3 easy steps.

  1. Go to RavynsDoll.com and request a Ravyn’s Doll be sent to you.
  2. Take a picture or video with Ravyn’s Doll and tell something you want to share about you and fibromyalgia. Then, email your pic/video and story to melissa@ravynsdoll.com  Share your story on social media using #RavynsDoll.  We will post all stories at RavynsDoll.com.
  3. Pass it along. Pass Ravyn’s Doll and instructions to a friend living with fibromyalgia, someone who knows about fibromyalgia, or a caregiver of a fibro patient.

The more people who know about the illness, the more support and better care fibromyalgia patients will receive.

To learn more about Ravyn’s Doll campaign, request a doll, or read other fibro thriver stories, please visit www.RavynsDoll.com.

Tell us about your awareness raising activities in the comments below.

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