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From Our Readers: Comments and Suggestions- 11/18/2015

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Re. Tea Time at Simmaron Pt II: The Infectious Cluster Study
I truly believe that the majority of diseases on this earth are caused by vectors like tics, mosquitoes, fleas, flies etc. From my experience it has taken me twenty years to find out my health misery was caused by Lyme Disease and the co-infection Babesia.
So much for our inaccurate testing and lack of doctors knowledge of symptoms of these horrible diseases.
It is time the perfect Lyme test is developed and doctors are educated in the early detection and treatment of these diseases.
By Whoopingcrane

Re. Healing from Depression: Not Just Mind Over Matter
So true
This is so true. People don’t realise that the effects of depression aren’t just skin deep. The more scientific research we do into the subject, the more we are going to learn about the chemical imbalances in the brain caused by depression. I’ve always found losing weight to be something of a struggle. I decided a few years ago that I wanted to make a positive change in my life to get healthier and slim down, so I started trying every weight loss program I could find. I’ve found a few that work and plenty that don’t, but I’ve reviewed the best one here if you’re interested:
By Andy Taylor

Re. Five Super Strategies for Restoring Sleep in Lyme Disease
Great article; thank you.
Another area to add is this: have a SLEEP STUDY done testing for SLEEP APNEA where we stop breathing and wake up gasping for air as well as being a heavy SNORER. Someone suggested that to me when i was correctly diagnosed 11.5 yrs. ago after being MISDIAGNOSED for 35 yrs by 40-50 drs.
YEP, I was positive for that, restless leg syndrome, and discovered I get NO DELTA 4 SLEEP; so my body doesn’t wake up refreshed nor does my body heal fast from all injuries.
With my lyme, I’m up most of the time, half the night until wee morning hrs. helping folks worldwide sending them ilads llmd names and other helpful info.
By BettyG, Iowa activist
47 yrs. chronic lyme this christmas
NEVER saw a tick; no bulls-eye rash.
Used my daily journal going back 35 yrs. to when I got so sick and bedridden. Determined it was a tick OFF MY FOLK’S CUT CHRISTMAS TREE! YEP; I’ve met folks online where the entire family was bitten the same way I was!

Re. How One LLND Treats Lyme disease and Co-infections Using Natural Medicine
I really enjoyed reading your article. I have chronic Lyme disease. I was diagnosed in October 2006. In the past, I was on IV antibiotics, and several of the other medications you have described and I also have been through Hyperbaric Treatment. I was diagnosed with Lyme disease, along with Macroplasma bacteria, Cat Scratch Fever, Malaria, Epstein Barr, and HV-6. I have two sisters that have also been diagnosed with Lyme disease.
I have a great deal of pain in the back and sides of my ankle. I also have problems with both knees. I have gotten somewhat use to pain. However, I feel like I have an issue with vascular problems in my feet and legs due to a type of numbness and tingling in my feet from above the ankles down. Do you have any thoughts on this? Oh, and by the way, I no longer see a Lyme specialist as I had to go to PA. to do that and the cost just got way out of hand traveling,etc.
I have continued to take antibiotic treatment, along with Diflucan, and other medications I had been prescribed for Lyme disease.
Thank you, Melissa 

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